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  • Feramax® form has been programmed to save you time. Most fields auto-populate, and electronic completion is easy.
  • Completed form can be printed for your patient or faxed to a pharmacy of their choice. Can also be saved to your patient’s records.
  • Available where you normally access or download forms for EMR > Search for “Feramax®”.
  • For support with downloading the form onto your particular EMR system, please contact feramax@biosyent.com, mentioning your province, and the name of your EMR.

To view download instructions for the Feramax® form, please select your EMR below.

Did you also know that you are able to prescribe Tibella® (tibolone) using your EMR?
Simply type “Tibella” in the prescribing / drug area of your EMR. Tibella® is indicated for short-term treatment of vasomotor symptoms due to estrogen deficiency in postmenopausal women, more than one year after menopause.

Now you can also find Combogesic® (acetaminophen + ibuprofen combination tablet) on your EMR.
Simply type “Combogesic” in the prescribing / drug area of your EMR. Combogesic® is indicated for the short-term management of mild to moderate acute pain relief and the reduction of fever.