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FeraMAX® is the #1 iron supplement recommended by both Canadian Pharmacists and Physicians!1

Why is FeraMAX® recommended #1?

Highest amount of elemental iron available (150 mg) in single capsules

Once a day dosing

Polysaccharide-iron complex is well tolerated with a reduced toxicity profile2

Flexibility with capsule and powder formats

Does not stain teeth3

Competitively priced per mg of elemental iron

Available with Vegan Certified capsules

For all patient types, FeraMAX® can help optimize patient compliance for greater treatment successes.

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2. Klein-Schwartz W: Toxicity of polysaccharide-iron complex exposures reported to poison control centers. The Annals of Pharmacology 2000, February, Vol. 34; 165

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