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FeramaxMD 150
30 Capsules
  • SOGC FeraMAXPharmEx Direct, a licensed Canadian Pharmacy is the authorized online distributor of BioSyent Pharma Inc. products. Please ensure purchase on Amazon through PharmEx Direct for assurance of quality and customer service. Call 1-800-663-8637 to speak to a Canadian pharmacist for free counselling. Compared with conventional oral iron supplements, FeramaxMD 150 delivers the highest dose of iron with 150 mg of elemental iron per capsule, making it the optimal dose for once-daily dosing
  • FeramaxMD is well tolerated: The British Columbia guidelines on iron deficiency suggest that FeramaxMD is better tolerated than iron salts
  • Food does not have a negative effect on the absorption of iron from FeraMAX,MD making it possible to have FeramaxMD with or without meals, at any convenient time
  • Vegan certified: FeramaxMD is Vegan Certified and does not contain animal by-products
  • FeramaxMD leads in Iron Deficiency Anemia education and support and offers several resources for your benefit
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