Is Feramax® 150 the original PIC in Canada?

Yes! Feramax® 150 is the original PIC in Canada.

The original polysaccharide-iron-complex (PIC) was from Schwartz Pharma, which developed, manufactured, and launched the first PIC under the brand name Niferex. Schwartz ultimately transferred its manufacturing rights of this PIC molecule to a third party and Niferex was subsequently discontinued in Canada.

BioSyent Pharma contracted the manufacturing exclusivity of this PIC molecule and then continued to manufacture the product under a new brand, namely Feramax®. Consequently, as it is derived directly from the original manufacturing process of PIC, Feramax® is the original PIC molecule.

Currently Feramax® is the only iron supplement manufactured in a North American FDA approved facility.

Subsequently, there have been several “Branded Generic” PICs launched in Canada trying to leverage the success of this formulation that provides less side effects and convenient once a day dosing.