Check to see if you have any signs of iron deficiency

Iron Deficiency / Iron Deficiency Anemia
Symptoms Tracker For Adults

Discuss iron deficiency with your physician. Symptoms of iron deficiency are varied and depend upon an individual's contibuting factors. In many instances of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia, patients suffer from one or more of the symptoms detailed below and/or belong to one or more of the at-risk groups detailed below.

Please identify the symptoms you are experiencing:

Chronic fatigue
Difficulty concentrating
Irritability or emotional mood swings
General weakness
Quick tiring
Pale skin
Decreased appetite
Low exercise tolerance
Pronounced lack of energy
Thin and fragile fingernails, have become pale or changed shape (ie. spoon shaped)
Inflamed tongue (smooth), cheeks, gums, lips, or roof/floor of mouth, cracking of skin at corners of mouth
Hair loss or hair has become brittle, weak and dull
Pica: cravings to eat ice, dirt or paper (or other non-food items)

Please identify if you are in any of the following at-risk groups:

Menorrhagia (heavy menstruation)
Diet does not contain a lot of red meat
Chronic Kidney Disease
Stomach or bowel problems
Celiac disease
Frequent blood donor
Prior episodes of low iron
Use of blood thinners
Recent surgery

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If you are experiencing common symptoms AND/OR belong to one or more at-risk groups, please consult your Health Care Provider

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