I have been prescribing FeraMAX® to my patients. I have no concerns about the gastro-intestinal side effects and the compliance is very good. Feramax® is a good product for iron-replacement for patients with iron deficiency.*

Dr. A. Kanjee, Richmond Hill, ON

I am a drug information pharmacist with a private practice in women’s health who has personally struggled with iron deficiency anemia. I have tried many products, including the expensive ones, but none of them compare to FeraMAX® regarding side effects, convenience, and efficacy. The product has changed my ability to control my iron deficiency and improved my quality of life. I promote it whenever I can without reservation. Thank you for developing this life changing product that is reasonably priced.*

M. Bizecki, Alberta

Best iron supplement EVER! I am thrilled to find it, and I will actually take this because I have NO stomach upset or other side effects. Totally worth the price.*

J.J, Manitoba

I stopped taking Feramax® two months after receiving an IUD. The IUD was to help with the loss of iron in the blood during menstruation. After two months I started with the symptoms again of headaches, fatigue, irritability, shortness of breath. Am now back on Feramax® and feeling better again.*

B.K, Ontario

Feramax® was fabulous. No stomach upset, no constipation. Good energy level considering that I was post op for hip surgery.*

Helen F., Burlington, ON

I am an RN. I cannot believe I have no side effects!!! No gnawing abdominal pain or nausea! I have been telling all my colleagues about it. Please do more advertising so people will know how amazing your product is. I even called my Dr. after 1st week to tell him how well tolerated it is.*

T.C, British Columbia

I have been on iron supplements for many years and have always had side effects, mostly constipation. Then about 1 year ago my doctor recommended FeraMAX® and my life is back to normal. I do not experience any of the side effects I had with the other iron supplements I tried. I think this is a great product and would recommend it to anyone that requires iron supplements.*

Flora B., Mississauga, ON

I am on two iron supplements (capsules) per day (Feramax® 150). I don’t mind it at all – usually the iron stuff makes me so sick, but this one is awesome. No sickness and no constipation!! $20 bucks for 30 pills, but I’d pay double as long as it makes me feel better.*


I have been taking Feramax® for 6 months. In the first three months, my iron levels rose from 15 to 18. In the second three months, they rose from 18 to 22. My doctor wants me to keep taking it until my levels are in the 30’s, which at this rate will probably be another year! The negative side is the slow increase and the cost (it is almost $20 for a 30-day supply). The positive side is that I get absolutely no gastric problems from this stuff. I have tried all kinds of iron supplements and stopped taking them because of severe constipation and stomach pains. But Feramax® causes me absolutely no problems.*


After taking Feramax® I did experience stomach pain. Nothing major, but it was noticed. Now I take with my supper and I have no symptoms at all. Thank you.

A.B, Nova Scotia

I love that it doesn’t cause constipation like other iron pills do.*

W.S, Ontario

I just had to write and tell you. I just went to give blood. I am always borderline on the hemoglobin test. Always. to give blood you need to score 125. I have never scored more than 127. Until today 🙂 I have been taking FeraMAX diligently since February. Today I scored an amazing 138! I was very impressed with myself. Thanks!*

C.S., Toronto, Ontario

Although this has given me a bit of diarrhea, and loss of appetite I will continue on this medication. It is by far much better than any other iron supplement I have taken. I haven’t been on it long, and already notice I am not as tired and light headed. I am so happy to have found it. Thank you!*

A.T, Nova Scotia

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