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BioSyent and Team FeraMAX is pleased to assist healthcare practitioners by supporting your patients iron health 


Highest elemental iron

FeraMAX® Pd Therapuctic 150 Treats Iron Deficiency Anemia with the Highest Elemental Iron Per Single Dosage

Polydextrose-Iron Complex

Well Tolerated with a Reduced Toxicity Profile1

Daily Dosage

Once a day dosing


Capsule, Chewable Tablet and Powder Formats

Competitively Priced

Per mg of elemental iron

Vegan certified

All FeraMAX Products Contain No Animal by Products Including Dairy or Egg

Manufactured in Health Canada & FDA approved facility

High Quality Standards

BioSyent supports iron health for life to your busy practice. This program provides samples, coupons and resources for your patients.

A phone showing Symptom Tracker

Check to see if you have any signs of iron deficiency

Iron Deficiency / Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms Tracker for Adults and Children 

Continue Learning

Continue learning with virtual educational resources the include Iron Health, along with other topics.

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