FeraMAX® Pd Product Information

The original Polydextrose Iron Complex (PDIC) iron supplement for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

Helping optimize patient compliance for greater treatment success
      • Highest elemental iron amount (150 mg) available in single capsules
      • Once a day dosing
      • Polydextrose-Iron Complex is well tolerated with a reduced toxicity profile1
      • Flexibility with capsule and powder formats
      • Competitively priced per mg of elemental iron
      • Now available in vegan certified capsules


Low Iron Symptoms

Iron deficiency is quite common, but the causes and symptoms differ depending upon the individual patient. You can find out more information about the causes and symptoms of low iron here.

If you have already been diagnosed with low iron or iron deficiency anemia then Feramax® may be the product for you. We have a list of FAQs which may help to answer any questions you have about using Feramax®.

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1 Anemia Guidelines for Family Medicine (Toronto: MUMS Guidelines, 2014); 8.


I am on two iron supplements (capsules) per day (FeraMAX® 150). I don’t mind it at all - usually the iron stuff makes me so sick, but this one is awesome. No sickness and no constipation!! $20 bucks for 30 pills, but I’d pay double as long as it makes me feel better.*