Iron is absolutely vital to the health and development of your child.

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Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes for the expectant mother, one of them being increased iron needs.

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A fetus depends upon nutrients from the mother in order to develop properly.

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BioSyent Pharma is pleased to announce the launch of our FeraMAX 150 Vegan Certified capsules.

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It is estimated that 20% of women of childbearing age are iron deficient and 50% of pregnant women develop iron deficiency.

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Iron deficiency and anemia are common in those with celiac disease.

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Dietary Considerations
In a woman’s golden years, blood loss and poor absorption are the most common causes of iron deficiency.

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Golden Years
Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150
Patented Polydextrose Iron Complex (PDIC)
Highest elemental iron amount (150 mg) available in single capsules
Once a day dosing
Patented Polydextrose Iron Complex is well tolerated with a reduced toxicity profile1
Vegan certified capsules

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What makes Feramax® Pd  different from other iron supplements, and why is it important?

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  • Feramax® Pd is an oral iron supplement for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia
  • Feramax® Pd is the #1 recommended iron supplement by physicians and pharmacists in Canada
  • Available online and at pharmacies across Canada
  • Available as capsule and powder which does not stain teeth
  • Feramax® Pd does not need a prescription, but is kept behind the counter. Talk to the pharmacist.

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Feramax® Pd is available through PHARMEX Direct – a fully accredited, Canadian, direct delivery pharmacy.
Canadian Pharmacist counselling is also available via telephone or email.
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Patient Resources
Access a variety of resources including the iron deficiency symptom tracker,
videos, downloads and more!
Feramax® Pd FAQs
Frequently asked questions by patients and health care practitioners
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  • How is Feramax® supplied?

    Feramax® 150 is available in a bottle of 100 capsules or carton of 30 capsules.
    Feramax® Powder is available in an 83 g bottle.

  • What is Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150?

    Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150 is an oral iron supplement formulated with polydextrose in a stable complex. It is manufactured by a specialized process whereby the iron is coated with polydextrose (starches/sugars). This coating allows the iron to pass through the stomach relatively intact where it is absorbed through the small intestine and is then delivered to the bloodstream.

    • It is a dark brown powder which, when dissolved in water forms a very dark brown solution.

    • It is virtually tasteless and odorless.

    • It is an organic complex and contains no free ions, also described as being non-ionic.

    • Due to the polysaccharide coating (matrix) it is electrically neutral.

  • What conditions/pathologies are at risk for iron deficiency?

    During pregnancy
    Menstruating girls and women
    Pre-term infants and children
    Iron deficient anemia
    Post-gastric bypass or bariatric surgery
    Hookworm; intestinal parasites

  • Is Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150 the only polydextrose-iron complex (PDIC) in Canada?

    Yes! Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150 is the only polydextrose-iron complex (PDIC) in Canada.

    Feramax® is known for innovation in iron therapy, and as reliable partners to HCPs in the management of Iron Deficiency. First to market with a vegan-certified capsule, and first to market with a water-soluble powder.

    Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150 is manufactured in North America, in a US FDA and Health Canada- approved facility.

  • How is Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150 different from other iron supplements?

    Most iron supplements are ferrous (iron) salts. Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150 is a polydextrose-iron complex. This formulation provides a well tolerated high-dosage of elemental iron. It is also the only iron supplement that is Vegan Certified.

  • What are the properties of Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150?

    Feramax® Pd Therapeutic 150 is positively charged and soluble at pH < 4.0. This solubility at low pH may be associated with improved absorption.
    X-ray diffraction analysis shows that polysaccharide-iron complexes have a ferrihydrite (β-FeOOH) structure that closely resembles the structure of ferritin, the natural intracellular protein that binds iron in duodenal cells.

    The fact that the polydextrose-iron complex closely resembles endogenous carriers of iron could account for its high bioavailability and reduced side effects.

Learn to Navigate Iron Deficiency with Health Experts

Brooke Bulloch, Registered Dietitian
If you’ve ever been diagnosed with low iron or iron deficiency anemia, you know just how frustrating this is. Understand what iron is and why it is important, who might be at risk for deficiency, how to optimize your diet, and when a supplement may be necessary.
Brooke Bulloch, Registered Dietitian
Nicole Osinga, Registered Dietitian
“Is it possible to get enough iron on a plant-based diet?” Learn about plant sources of Iron and quick tips for absorbing iron.
Nicole Osinga, Registered Dietitian
Nicole Osinga, Registered Dietitian
Why do we care about iron? Iron is essential in maintaining many body functions, including the production of hemoglobin, the molecule in your blood that carries oxygen. Understand the importance of iron and early diagnosis of iron deficiency.
Nicole Osinga, Registered Dietitian
Andy De Santis, Registered Dietitian
Iron deficiency is the most common global nutrient deficiency, and while it occurs less frequently here at home it still represents a real challenge for certain at risk groups within our population. Learn about the various stages of iron deficiency and help you to better understand which groups of people are at the highest risk of encountering it.
Andy De Santis, Registered Dietitian
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